Fundamentals of Cyber Investigations & Human Intelligence

Our unique course Fundamentals of Cyber Investigations & Human Intelligence combines Open Source Intelligence, Social Media Intelligence, and Human Intelligence.

The environment for criminal investigations has dramatically changed. Today’s criminals are tech-savvy and regularly misuse modern online tools and platforms for their criminal agenda. A vast amount of crimes today include online activity, communications, tools and platforms. That means that plenty of evidence can be found through traces left on the internet. Investigators can utilize those same resources, to uncover and collect trails and evidence relating to their cases.

What We Offer?

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Who Are We?

Christina Lekati

Christina is a psychologist and a social engineer working in cyber security. She participates in a variety of projects, where she practices or trains teams on social engineering for defensive or offensive security.

Twitter: @ChristinaLekati


Samuel Lolagar

He is a former detective and now working in the field of cyber security. Samuel Lolagar is teaching courses on OSINT, SOCMINT and privacy. He is also known as OSINTgeek.

Twitter: @OSINTgeek


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